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The video game Pocket Rogues (also known as Pocket Rogues: Ultimate — hereinafter simply Pocket Rogues) is distributed on 3 platforms: Google Play (Android), App Store (iOS) and Steam (PC). The functional differences between versions for different operating systems, as well as between Pocket Rogues and Pocket Rogues: Ultimate are minimal and do not affect this privacy policy.

By default, on Android and iOS, the game stores user progress locally in the registry, in the corresponding memory area, and when a game is deleted, all player progress data associated with Pocket Rogues is also deleted.

The game does not require registration and login to your account. However, starting with version 1.25 (05/26/2019), the user can register at his own discretion in order to be able to save and load his game (and only game) data using cloud services. This is the only function that registration provides, and it is not necessary for a full-fledged gameplay. No user passwords or other secret data are stored in the game’s memory, and a unique user identifier is used to further access the created account, such as the device ID or user ID in the platform API (see below).

Cloud saves are designed to help the player in two situations: to back up their game results (for example, in the event of a potential loss or change of the device, and also to delete the game if necessary without risking a loss of progress) and to transfer the progress to devices running on different operating systems (for example, to transfer game data from Android to PC). Cloud saves are stored in themselves and overwritten when downloading only the data associated with the games Pocket Rogues and Pocket Rogues: Ultimate, and no others.

When you first log into the game (provided you have an Internet connection), a player cell is automatically created on the server, which is an «anonymous» account based on the user’s device ID (or his Steam account, in the case of PC users). This account is not tied to the email address, player’s NickName or any password — as mentioned above, the user can add this data at any time, if he considers it necessary. At the same time, he still has the ability to save data to the cloud, but without creating a full account, he will not be able to transfer progress between different devices. After registration, a unique identifier is used to provide the user access to the account without having to repeatedly re-enter the password.

To register, authenticate and store user data, PlayFab (https://playfab.com/), owned by Microsoft, is used. PlayFab terms of use:

Starting from version 1.25, versions of the game on all three platforms have a cloud storage function, which replaces the previous system based on the API of each platform (however, automatic synchronization using Steam Cloud and iCloud is still present). This function can be activated both manually and automatically, each time you enter the game (you can enable and disable in the Settings on the start screen — in the so-called Guild Fortress: Settings — Account — Automatic saving).

The game also has the function of local saving progress (Android and PC only): the player, if desired, can save his game progress to a separate file in the memory of his device. On Android, to read and write local saves, the user needs to grant the application two permissions: «Read from memory» («READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE») and «Write to memory» («WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE»). These permissions are no longer required for anything, so are not required for a full game.

Local storage is absolutely identical to cloud storage in its structure and principle of operation, and differs only in that it writes backup data into the device’s memory. Like cloud storage, local can be turned on or off for automatic recording upon entering the game (ibid., In the Settings — Account section). Between Android and PC (Steam) version of the game, the local save file can be transferred manually by copying from folder to folder.

The game has no multiplayer features. Players do not interact with each other and cannot publish / receive content created by other players.

The only online activity available in the game is leaderboards. They use the official API of the respective platforms, and to identify users use their nicknames (fictitious names) in these stores. Leaderboards display only numerical results obtained in the game.

Accordingly, the game automatically connects to the user’s account in the corresponding official service (for example, Google Play Games for Android and Game Center for iOS) to receive and publish results in the leaderboards, as well as achievements at launch. The achievements and results of other users and friends can be viewed purely with the help of these services.

In the game Pocket Rogues on mobile devices running Android and iOS, you can make in-game purchases. These include the purchase of a so-called. «gems» — game currency (consumable item), which accelerates the user’s progress in the game and is not necessary for a full-fledged gameplay (absolutely all game content is available when playing without buying game currency, but it will take more time and effort to get it). In the case of «precious stones», as with any other purchased «consumable» items, they are saved along with the rest of the player’s progress, but can not be re-restored (which corresponds to the definition of «consumable» item).

In case of problems with receiving an order or dissatisfaction with it, players can request help or a refund by sending an email to the developer’s email: ethergaminginc@gmail.com .

For any questions you should also contact the developer mail:
ethergaminginc@gmail.com .

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